Gap Minder

GapMinder, a venture capital fund for innovative startups in Romania, had penetrated the Romanian market with an initial budget of 26 million euro. The fund will invest in seed-stage start-ups in the next few years, in subsequent rounds, from 1 million euro to 3 million euro for seed companies. Also, for start-ups entering the first round of investment or in the acceleration phases the investments will be up to 100.000 euro.

The Fund is targeting innovative companies in the field of technology with high potential for international expansion in areas such IT and software, cyber security, artificial intelligence, digital transformation, IT solutions for health, FinTech, etc.

For the selection of eligible startups, GapMinder will also support the Techcelerator acceleration program in Bucharest and Cluj. For the first round of evaluations for potential investments to take place as quickly as possible, the start-up pre-selection with Techcelerator will start in the next period. Any technology start-up searching for funding can be part of this program.

GapMinder is the first venture capital fund created following the selection of the European Investment Fund. It is mostly funded through the Competitiveness Operational Program 2014-2020, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Details about acceleration program are available accessing this link.