Investment location

Investment locations

Our business support and promotion of investments services offers to the interested parties a unique tool through which the proposal of investment locations from the six counties of the Centru Region is present to potential investors, along with a complete description of the elements of accessibility, existing facilities, utilities, financial and legal aspects.

The information is provided directly by the owners of these locations, which represent:

  • – Industrial parks;
  • – Technology transfer centers;
  • – Business incubator;
  • – Public authorities or other organizations that provide land or buildings for investments.

Any natural or legal person who owns, or has the ability to legally represent an organization that owns one or more pieces of land or buildings offered for rent, purchase or concession in order to develop an economic activity, may request the inclusion of the location in the interactive map.

Information about the land or buildings offered will be completed by accessing the form below. Please fill the form and then send it to the representatives of RDA Centru.

The Regional Development Agency Centru reserves the right to select and promote location sheets depending on their clarity and level of completeness.

Contact: For information on the interactive map and investment locations you can contact us at:
Phone: 0358 401 276 internal 453, 461
Contact person: Paul Ciortea or Emil Toma